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Both the Bellacor company and online store were created in 1995. The company name for Bellacor is and the company is a corporation. The CEO of the Bellacor company is James Lawrence and the Director of Consumer Marketing is Chris Fowler.

Bellacor contact information:

2425 Enterprise Drive, Suite 900, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Toll Free Number: 1-877-723-5522

Fax: 651-294-2595

Email is available on website

Live Chat is available on website

Customer reviews for the Bellacor online store are generally negative.

Positive customer reviews for the Bellacor online store commented on:

Large selection of products

High quality products

Negative customer reviews for the Bellacor online store commented on:

Slow or rude customer service

Expensive price for products

Some customers complained about the diffculty for returning products or receiving their refund

Some customer reviews were:

"They have the worst customer service. It took them weeks to answer my email, and I had to send the same email at least 5 times to get a response. Moreover, you'll be surprised of the extra fees you have to pay when you receive your item."

"your store was the only place I could find this rug in the size I wanted. It was on sale,,but the price was still bit high, but I wanted this rug."

"I ordered 2 Kichler mirrors for a bathroom remodel.One was damaged. I contacted Bellacor and they shipped a new mirror. We were out of town when the new mirror was deliviered by UPS. The following day UPS returned to pick up the damaged mirror but instead they picked up the new mirror. This was May 29 and we were still out of town. I have been trying ever since to get Bellacor to send back the replacement mirror. They accused me of lieing until I sent them photos of the box we still have with the UPS tracking number of the original shipment on it."

"Ordered 6 wall sconces and one ceiling mount light fixture. The 6 wall sconces arrived very quickly; however, one glass bowl was broken. I notified immediately by email about the breakage and that I still had not received the ceiling mount fixture. (But my credit card has been billed for all items...over $650.00). Got a response in two days, advising a new bowl would be shipped immediately. That impressed me. However, there was no mention of the ceiling mount fixture. After a week, I still have not received the replacement glass bowl nor have I received the ceiling mount fixture."
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