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Zappos is one of America's leading online shoes and clothing stores. Zappos carries popular brands like Nike, Skechers, Adidas, K-Swiss, Saucony and many more.

Zappos offers numerous shopping categories:

New Arrivals



Bags & Handbags


Baby Shop




At Home


Sporting Goods





Gift Ideas

Sale & Clearance

Zappos was started in 1999 with the intention of becoming one of America's most popular online shoes stores. Today, Zappos has not only accomplished their goal, they have exceeded it, by not only being one of America's most popular online destinations for shoes, but also for clothing, accessories and other great merchandise.

There are hundreds of customer reviews online for Zappos and the majority of them are positive. Customer raved about Zappos' fast and free shipping, and excellent return policy. Most customer were very happy with Zappo's prices and high quality merchandise, but some were not. Most customers had a positive experience with the Zappos' customer service, but some did not. Overall, the majority of customers that reviewed Zappos were very happy with their Zappos shopping experience and would shop there again.

Some customer reviews were:

"I love this company! Free shipping both ways is just the start. I got a bad shoe - the heel broke on the third wearing. They not only shipped me a new pair...'

"Ordered a hard to find sports bag. Great price. Quick shipping. Thanks!"

"I ordered shoes at Zappos and received them within 5 business days. They look dirty and worn. it's obvious that someone has returned them...."

"EXCELLENT!!! Arrived next day even though the day before was Memorial day! Will definitely definitely order again. Highly recommended "

"I had ordered many things from Zappos and I have so impressed their their customer service and their return policy..."
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Zoobooks Magazine
The company Wildlife, Ltd. is all about zoo life and the Zoobooks website and online store is presenting huge amount of animal related topics. Each issue delves into topics such as anatomy, habitat, socialization, and reproduction-all on a single animal or animal group-in a vibrant, easy-to-understand way.

Zoobooks magazines are skillfully designed to enhance your child's learning potential through words, pictures, and interactive activities. Parents and teachers trust Zoobooks to educate kids strengthening their vocabulary and reading habits.

The customer feedback and review on Amazon for Zoobooks products are saying that the zoobooks online store sells its products at affordable rates, and the prices on other outlets are same as on the official stores of zoobooks. The customers are very satisfied with the products of Zoobooks and they find it a great deal for their children.

We bought a year subscription (10 issues) through Groupon for $10. I've seen them come through a few times now so if you want to order this great magazine but the price is keeping you from doing it look around. There are deals out there if you are patient!

I subscribed to this magazine for my sons when they were young and now I get them for my grandsons. Wonderful books.

No the price at Amazon is the same as at the Zoobooks site, $29.95. It's true you don't get the poster and stickers but I like the convenience of ordering via Amazon and renewals are a snap.

My nephew, who is ten, loves these magazines and that's a good enough recommendation for me.
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ZoneAlarm, by Check Point
ZoneAlarm is an award winning software that protects over 80 million PCs from viruses, malware, hackers and identity theft every year. ZoneAlarm is owned by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, and is currently one of the most popular brands in the Internet Security software market. ZoneAlarm offers a range of products - ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall, ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall, ZoneAlarm PC Tune-Up, etc - to keep web users safe and secure every time they go online.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. was established in 1993 in Ramat-Gan, Israel by Gil Shwed, Marius Nacht and Shlomo Cramer. Gil Shwed, a programmer and entrepreneur, is its current Chairman and CEO. The company is headquartered at Tel Aviv, Israel and has offices in USA and Canada. As of 2012, the company had about 2700 employees working for it worldwide. Check Point is famous for its popular Firewall software, ZoneAlarm, which it acquired in 2004.
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zChocolat is an online high end chocolate provider that aims to cater to connoisseurs and people who wish to spoil their loved ones with great chocolates as gifts. The company provides several different packing and types of chocolates to its customers and excels in the area of customer services. The company is famous for delivering chocolates in great condition to even the warmest parts of the planet. The website of the company has a great layout and assures that its customers get the best service when they choose to buy from the website.

The company was founded by Jean Phillipe Khodra and his wife Valarie in 1999 with collaboration with Pascal Caffet, a world renowned chocolatier and pastry chef. The company is located in Ojai, California and employs 5 people. The company uses the finest chocolates from France and assures that any of its chocolates do not contain pork fat or alcohol. The company is well reputed and has great customer feedback and is known to fulfill its commitments.
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  • Sell Online: Yes - My Petshop is an online store that offers an amazing selection of dog and cat food, bird cages, aquarium filters and supplies, terrarium care, and much more. - My Petshop has eight shopping categories: Dog Cat Small Pet Bird Aquatic Reptile Special Offer Top Brands
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zZounds is an online store that offers an amazing selection of musical instruments such as guitars and keyboards, DJ equipment, recording equipment, amps, and musical accessories such as headphones and power cables.

zZounds has multiple shopping categories and sub-categories:

Guitars, Amps, and Effects

Bass Guitars, Amps, and Effects

Keyboards and MIDI


Computer Music

Live Sound/PA




Other Musical Instruments and Equipment

The zZounds company was started in 1996, and their online store was started in 1998. The company name for zZounds is zZounds Music LLC, and the president is Mr. Brian Corbert.

zZounds contact information:

8 Thornton Road, Oakland, NJ 07436

Toll Free Call: 800-996-8637

Fax: 312-276-0186
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Zone Diet
Zone Diet is a trade mark of Zone Labs Inc., an industry leader in the development and sale of innovative, patented nutraceutical products. The mission of this company is to establish evidence-based wellness as the foundation for the 21st century medicine. The company achieves this by combining the latest scientific research with cutting-edge technology to develop Evidence Based Wellness products. The company is based on the vision of Dr. Barry Sears who is a bestselling
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Zinio Digital Magazines
Zinio Magazines is a website that offers digital versions of high quality print magazines and books with extra features not found in print: exclusive features like video, audio and live links.

Zinio is excellent for people who prefer digital content over print. It has:

A large and eclectic selection of contemporary, popular books and magazines

Content developed specifically for the iPad and iPhone

The ability to digitally preview books before purchasing

The ability to deliver content immediately through instant downloads

Zinio also permits magazines to be purchased individually instead of by subscription. In other words, you can see all issues of a particular magazine, select one month and download it.

The four main advantages Zinio has are:

The huge selection of contemporary and popular books and magazines

The content and apps offered specifically for the iPad and iPhone

The ability to search documents and forward content in a way that's much more difficult to do with print

The ability to deliver content immediately through insant downloads
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